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She believed she could

So she did!

The plan may change but the goal remains the same

It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow 

It's about putting yourself into a situation where there's a certain amount of risk but there's a certain amount of gain



~ 2023 ~



Have sold Excalibur Spright and he will be boarded here for a couple years.

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~ 2022 ~



Purchased a future sire to cross on to my Thoroughbred mares.
A Welsh Section D Cob colt named Halcyonia Just Imagine 


The Covid pandemic continued to cause strain on the happenings in the Equine world but got better as May/June approached

Only two foals this year out of the 3 mares bred.

* IL Filou to Red Savina produced an awesome
   Anglo-Arabian colt Excalibur Regnal who is Region 17 Futurity Nominated.

* Rhiannon's Legend to EHS Nougat produced a stunning partbred Welsh/Appaloosa pony Excalibur Spright

Sold Rhiannon's Legend to Washington at the end of June.

Bred 7 outside mares to IL Filou.  6 mares are Arabians and one is an Appaloosa


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~ 2021 ~



2021 has been an interesting year.  With the Covid-19 pandemic still playing a huge roll in everyday life, it has slowed down the happenings.  
I acquired two new mares.  
Azalea - a Pure Old World Polish Arabian
EHS Nougat - a Foundation Appaloosa 

Showed Excalibur Trinket in the Region 17 Futurity yearling class and she came away as champion Partbred filly.

No foals this year but bred 3 of my mares for next year.
* IL Filou to Azalea for a Pure, all Old World, Polish Arabian foal which is Region 17 Futurity Nominated
* IL Filou to Red Savina for an Anglo-Arabian foal which is Region 17 Futurity Nominated
* Rhiannon's Legend to EHS Nougat for a partbred Welsh/Appaloosa pony.

IL Filou got some under saddle training done.  
Toobittertotwitter, aka Lucy, is back under saddle after a couple years off due to muscle strain and she is doing great!
Attended the Region 17 show in Red Deer in August with Excalibur Trinket for her Futurity class and she came out ON TOP!!

A terrible drought this year, so the pressure of acquiring hay was a concern.  Fortunately I maintain a great relationship with my hay supplier and got good quality hay for the winter.


~ ~ ~

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~ 2020 ~


September - December

2021 is nearly here and I can't wait to write about all that I have planned and the vaccine helps open up the economy so we can enjoy some of the much loved horse events

Both IL Filou and Rhiannon's Legend were entered into the Region 17 Stallion Auction and both their breedings sold.

Sent IL Filou out for some intitial ground training and saddle training.  He did well and after 6 weeks brought him home for a while and am sending him for complete training starting in the new year.

Trinket experienced a bad injury to her front left leg.  Fortunately it did not injure any tendons and she is nearly completely healed.
She was weaned the beginning of December when I put her dam at a stable to seperate the two.


July - August


A couple of mares came in for breeding to Rhiannon's Legend and Toobittertotwitter had a lovely Anglo-Arab filly named Excalibur Trinket.  She is a Region 17 Futurity Nominated foal and I look forward to showing her in 2021.

Spent a lot of time working with all the horses on the ground.  Didn't get a chance to attend any shows.


February - June


Had plans for the spring and with it being the year Covid-19 reared it's ugly head, things got pushed to the back burner...so to speak.


The month started out wonderfully warm and I was able to get some one on one time with IL Filou, then it turned very unseasonably cold for near 2 weeks.
Full Stop...Argh!

Jenovations Joy aborted her foal.  Second year in a row.  She will not be bred again.  :(


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~ 2019 ~ 


October - November - December


New stallion added to my crew.  IL Filou, A pure Polish Arabian.  Excited!

Filled out the mare nomination forms for Jenovations Joy and Toobittertotwitter

July - August - September


Jenovations Joy is confirmed in foal.  

Excalibur Candour and Silver Fawn went to a new home.

Bey Gem returned to me and will be a pleasure to ride again

Toobittertotwitter has been bred to Aurora Algaz, grey Arabian

Red Savina was left open this year


April - May - June


Red Savina had a colt in May named Excalibur Candour
and Silver Fawn had a colt in June named Excalibur Regal Dale
Very, very happy with both colts

Ducal is now a gelding and for sale.


Sad to say that one mare, Jenovations Joy, is no longer in foal.  Vet confirmed.  Disappointing...but the good news is that Joy is healthy.

Uneventful April

January - February - March


Legend is fun to work with and I started working with him in January and then we have been having the most horrible February that I have ever experienced.  March is when we start again....update....not March either :(


Started training on Synapse and then she was sold to a wonderful family not far from me. I am looking forward to following her progress.


Said good-bye to Capriole of Rosewood (aka Capri) who went to a new home



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~ 2018 ~


October - November - December


Weaning is done and all are ready for winter.

Prepping for winter riding and getting ready for some spring events

July - August - September


Had my Welsh stallion listed on the Region 17 Stallion auction and he was bid on...YAY!  Also, I had a successful bid on an Arabian stallion.  So, next year I will have two breedings that will be eligible for futurity nominations.


Brought home a filly named Synapse that is out of my Thoroughbred mare.  She is a six year old and registered part bred Welsh.  Working with her so I can find a forever home for her.


Also brought home a lovely Arabian mare, Jenovations Joy, that has a pedigree that I know is solid.  She is a lovely bay and lucky if she is 14 HH


Had mares preg checked and three are confirmed in foal.  YAY!

Weaning is happening and the mares are off to their fall/winter pasture

May - June


Silver cooked her foal for 263 days.  It is a beautiful Buckskin colt.  Check him out here.


Picked up my new Section B Welsh Stallion and I am so happy with him.  He is everything I was hoping for.  His name is Rhiannon's Legend and he fits right in.

March - April


Fredrick has been sold and he has gone to a wonderful home.  His new barn name is Frodo...LOVE IT!!


Fredrick, the pony, has been put up for sale.  It was a tough decision. I need to do what is best for Fredrick and that is for him to go where he will be used.


Have committed to buying a Section B Welsh stallion.  Check him out!!

January - February


Silver Fawn is looking pregnant and the rest of the crew have been just lounging for the most part. 


Spring is just around the corner so we are out doing some winter trail riding to start getting everyone in shape before the spring regime.


Riding Fredrick the pony more and will be selling him in the spring.  He is such a personable fellow and will make some young rider very happy


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~ 2017 ~


August - September


Silver Fawn is confirmed in foal but she is the only one.

Capri didn't catch and Viny did but it was twin cells and Mother Nature absorbed it.

Next year is another year.

Riding Fredrick the pony now.  That is pretty exciting.  

Other than that, all the horses are doing well.

June - July


Added an Arabian mare to my program - Silver Fawn and bred her to a lovely Cremello Sec. B Welsh

Bred my lovely Trakehner mare, Capri, to the lovely Spanish Arabian - Daram

Bred my Thoroughbred mare, Viny, to the awesome Holsteiner stallion - Aquilan Calypso

Wow!  Now I wait to confirm them in foal

April - May


So excited that my lovely Canadian mare will be going to her new home in Saskatchewan in June.  A huge congratulations to Kristen and Garry of Swift Current, SK.


Have started working with my young pony, Fredrick.  He is so much fun and such a testy little fellow but respectful.


Also, working with the lovely Arab/Welsh pony, Noble who is coming along wonderfully!

Received the news that my Trakehner mare is not in foal so now the plans are in place to get her in foal this year 

January - March


Well, it is cold and very unfriendly outside this winter.  Chomping at the bit to get going on these critters.  


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~ 2016 ~



June - December


Did a lot of fencing and got pastures divided.  Horses are enjoying just being pleasure ridden and it looks like that is the plan for the rest of the year.


Did get Capri bred to a Friesian in July for a June 2017 foal.  Hope she carries all the way to term.  Really excited about the babe.

Got two Welsh cross ponies in December as a project.  Lovely ponies that will be exceptional for a lucky owner when I am done



Trying to get so much done.  Planning on building, planning on riding, planning on driving, planning on showing.  Getting there on all of the above, but it is a slow process.


Getting Capri ready to go for breeding to the Friesian, Zig Zag and enjoying my oldest son's company as he has decided to take up riding again.  Been a few years for him, but my mare is helping him get back at it.



These two months kind of blended together.  Nothing new at all.  Just working on getting the pastures ready for summer and I am hoping it is a good year for just that.


Riding and training the girls and the one young boy.  Fredrick (the pony gelding) was introduced to the harness and to get ready to start some formal work.



Beautiful weather and a new addition as well as one gone to a new home.

As much as I will miss IL Taiga, I am happy to have IL Electra in her stead.  Two beautiful mares out of one of my favourite stallions.


Riding is happening more and events are starting to be in the foreseeable future.  First up in February is the annual sleigh rally that I love to be an outrider at.  Always a great way to get horses out and exposed to new things. 



Well, the first month of a new year went off without any issues.  Horses are happily chilling at their bales and enjoying a glorious winter of mild weather.  Daylight hours are getting noticeably longer and that is always good.


Wave still seems to be in foal, so that is good.  All the horses have put on nice weight since I have gotten them to my own place and food is of abundance.


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~ 2015 ~





This month my Thoroughbred, Synvella, went to a knew home.  She will be cared for in great fashion.  It was tough to let her go but it was a good thing for her.


The rest of the crew are happy hanging out at the hay and enjoying a wonderfully mild December and it appears that January is going to be mild too.  WaVe looks in foal and everyone else looks plump. 

Truthfully, I didn't really do anything with them all month accept feed, scratch, try on new harnesses and just watched them be content.

Happy New Year to all!!




Took possession of my property.  The horses are thrilled to be on a pasture that hasn't been grazed in a couple of years.  It took them over a week to finally pick their head up from eating.  :)
Now to sell my place so I can start to build.     
WaVe is looking in foal and she is the only one bred this year.  A baby in the spring.  YAY!




Well, I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is and bought a new piece of property for me to build on and for my horses to be in a larger area as their own herd.  It was a busy month at work so not much happened with my horses.



Took WaVe to a driving show and did the two ground driving classes since she hasn't been hooked to a cart yet.  Came home with 2 red ribbons but the best part was all the compliments I received on her from the judge and my fellow competitors.  It was a wonderful event



Was an uneventful month.  Good in so many ways to just chill



Darn it!!!  I fell in love with a Welsh grade pony.  Named him Fredrick.  He is absolutely adorable.  He will be an awesome driving pony and a great prospect for little people to ride.  He is just a yearling right now, so I have time.  Yes, I said gelding.  I am surprised too


Well Taiga.  Sigh....has been checked and her system still thinks it is in foal.  It will  be next year now.  :(

WaVe has been bred to Daram at A and K Ranch.  He is a scrumptious Spanish Arabian and the perfect pick for my mare's first foal.  Now the wait begins.



Taiga is back at Euphoria Friesians to be rebred to Zig Zag.  One more year to wait for the foal of my dreams.  I know it all will be worth the wait.


Took my Canadian mare to an event where we were part of a safety rider team at a trail ride.  She was absolutely amazing.  Couldn't have asked for a better day WaVeSunday, June 7 was a great day. I took with her.  Then I dropped her off at A and K Ranch to be bred to the lovely Spanish Arabian stallion, Daram.  That is going to be an awesome cross

Well, my In Hand clinic on May 30th and the Obstacle Challenge that I hosted on Sunday, May 31 was terrific!  So happy with the whole weekend.



Looking forward to my In Hand clinic on May 30th.  So much to share with the participants.  Then, the next day will be a lot of fun for the Obstacle Challenge.  Lots of people signing up.

Only at the middle of May and I have acquired two new Thoroughbred mares. One is an 18 year old named Synvella and the other is her 10 year old daughter named Red Savina. They are lovely and I am really looking forward to working with them as well.  Both are very well bred and everyone knows I like the Thoroughbreds.  Watch for the updates with them too.

Wave is a fantastic mare that is keeping me on my toes.  She is somewhat herd bound and so a lot of our exercises are helping her deal with that.  She is getting there

Capri has been taken off the sales list for now.  I can't tell you how much I enjoy riding her.  She is so level headed and smooth.  I am looking forward to advancing her saddle training.

Taiga is just being a happy horse right now and I am really looking forward to get her going in harness this year.



Wave and I attended a clinic to site some progress.  I think we learned a lot in more ways than expected.


Capri has been listed for sale.  Not a decision that was made lightly.  She needs to be used more than I have the time for.  She has too much potential and it kills me to see it not being developed.

Taiga is not getting more round.  In fact, she has lost her foal.  She is alright though as she is running and bucking and kicking like a young colt.  All good in my opinion.  She was due June 6.  One more year to wait now :) and  :(



Wave was ridden out in the fields to get some miles on.  We went to two wonderful sleigh rallies and she was amazing as an out rider.  They were fabulous days.

Capri made some good progress in her refreshersTaiga is just eating and getting more round.



Wave, my Canadian mare, is going to get the thrill of being put on a program for the up and coming season.  March 1st is the day it all begins again. :)


Very excited about getting her out to shows so that more people get to see why these Canadian horses are such a wonderful and versatile breed.

Capri, my Trakehner mare, is currently getting back into her training too.  It is a  busy spring and I am enjoying every minute of it.  Unfortunately I have put Capri up for sale.  I just don't have the time that I need to be as effective as I should be for the talent that she has.  I am only one person and a full time job as well, so I have to focus on one main mare.

Taiga, my absolutely most precious little Arab is getting closer to foaling every day.  The first week of June seems so far away. I can not tell you how anxious I am to see this Arab/Friesian (Turbo Friesian) foal.  If it comes out a colt, I have to say that it will be for sale.  I want a filly out of this cross so badly.



Lots of riding out in the fields (weather permitting) to keep the mares on their pleasure game.  Just waiting for another month before the training regimé starts again.



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~ 2014 ~



My lovely Canadian mare went to the trainers on November 1, 2014

Usually I do my training myself since it was my livelihood for many years, but....

Working full time and getting a little older, it isn't my favourite challenge now :) 

Nicole at Star Walkers is a wonderful quiet rider and was an excellent choice to send "WaVe" to



I came to the realisation that my Morab mare, Excalibur Isle of Skye, was not going to improve from her slip on the ice in the winter.  I tried a number of options with her, but she was not comfortable to be ridden.  She has a big heart and loves to please, so she kept trying her best for me.  She is just too loved by me and everyone, for me to continue to ride her for now, so she gets to rehab for a while and she is so happy.  She is a fantastic Mare and I will see what time will do to help her heal.  So off to spend some time just in a pasture with no expectations

In September I acquired a lovely Canadian mare that had caught my eye months earlier.  Working with some Canadians and being a part of the life of a lovely family that raises Canadians, I became hooked.  Hooked enough to decide that this mare needed to be mine.  So thankful to Vanessa and Leroy at VanRoyal Canadians.




I bred my lovely Arabian mare, IL Taiga, to the beautiful

Friesian stallion named Zig Zag at Euphoria Friesians.

Both of these horses are conformationally correct, well bred and superb temperaments and trainability.

The most important qualities that any horse I have has to be in order for me to consider offspring from them

I was able to purchase a beautiful Pure Polish Arabian mare, IL Taiga, from a dear friend.  This mare is especially precious to me because she is a daughter of my former Pure Polish Arabian stallion,

Triple A Ferros.  He is fortunate enough to have been acquired by Ina Lohman of Luna Arabians when I sold him a number of years ago.

I sold my beautiful Arabian mare, Bey Gem, to a dear friend at Off Grid Performance Horses for her teenage daughter who needed a trusting mount to grow with.  It is a perfect match.


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