55321 Range Road 12A
Onoway, Alberta


She believed she could

So she did!

The plan may change but the goal remains the same

It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow 

It's about putting yourself into a situation where there's a certain amount of risk but there's a certain amount of gain


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I will be breeding for a very small number of foals per year.
Most will be for sale in utero, as weanlings or as yearlings.
Contact for information regarding any up coming foals
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List of breedings planned for 2021 and potentially for sale

Partbred Welsh

Rhiannon's Legend x Red Savina

This cross has been done before
and the results are perfect!


Night's Watch x Toobittertotwitter

Suited for Hunter/Eventing/Dressage.  Have one Anglo-Arab out of this mare and she is devine

Purebred Pure Polish Arabian
With the pedigree made up of the core group of Old World Polish Arabians

IL Filou x Azalea

Will be a pure polish Arabian with no lines to Aswan or to Bask

Eligible for the Region 17 Futurity

Listed below are client horses for sale

Click on his name for more information


2020 GOV colt

Connaisseur x 77 Alilly (Urybaldi CH)

Click on her name for more information


2018 GOV Filly

Jethro Tull

x 77 Alilly (Urybaldi CH)


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