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She believed she could

So she did!

The plan may change but the goal remains the same

It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow 

It's about putting yourself into a situation where there's a certain amount of risk but there's a certain amount of gain



"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Catherine McLeod

Owner of

Excalibur Sport Horses

I love helping people get some goals achieved
and ready for the next step.

Over 45 years of experience for you to pick my brain 
I come and work with your group at your place with your horse.

Lessons to get you on the right path to obtain your goal

Clinics for long lining/double lunging, lunging, halter, showmanship,
in-hand trail and so much more. 

Clinics to help you get ready for a show
Understand in hand classes, equitation classes, trail classes, etc.

Certified Equine Massage Therapist (CEMT)

  Alberta Provincial Official General Performance Judge  

Registered Equine Canada Coach



General Performance Judge

with the
Alberta Equestrian Federation
I do all my upgrading required to maintain certification.
I am a competitor and I go as a spectator to keep my eyes sharp.

Contact for more information about judging

Equine Canada Coach

Offering Coaching in
English/Western Equitation
Trail, Showmanship etc.

Contact for more information about coaching


Horse Training with the owner focusing on

  • ground work
  • beginning stages of under saddle training
  • developing equitation skills on the ground
  • the "do's and don't's" with the reasons
  • and so much more...

Contact for more information about clinics

My focus is to help people with

  1. A new horse and want to build a relationship with the horse.
  2. A young horse that they want to create a foundation with before training
  3. A competitor getting ready for a showmanship, halter or other in-hand class
  4. A competitor wanting to improve show ring skills and etiquette
  5. A rider wanting to create a bond, trust and create more insight
  6. Learning the lunging process to its fullest potential
  7. Learning double lunging which really helps your riding and driving
  8. Learning the ground driving process that is paramount to riding (IMO)
  9. How to stay calm and keep moving forward
  10. Good quiet hands
  11. ...and so much more





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